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Journal of Computer Science and Technology 1995, Vol. 10 Issue (1) :53-64    DOI:
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Weak Precedence Story Parsing Grammar
Zhang Songmao;
Institute of Mathematics; The Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100080;

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Abstract Story understanding is one of the important branches of natural languageunderstanding research in AI techlliques. The story understanding approachbased on Story Parsing Grammar (SPG) involves that SPG is used to rep-resent different abstracting processes of stories with different levels in storyunderstanding and that the story understanding process is converted to therecognition process of stories using the syntactic parser of SPG. This kind ofstory understanding is cal1ed story parsing. In this paper, firs…
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Zhang Songmao
KeywordsStory understanding   high-dimensional grammar   context-sensitive grammar   weak precedence grammar   syntactic parsing algorithm     
Revised 1995-01-10
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Zhang Songmao;.Weak Precedence Story Parsing Grammar[J]  Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995,V10(1): 53-64
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