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Journal of Computer Science and Technology 2002, Vol. 17 Issue (4) :0-0    DOI:
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An Interlingua-Based Chinese-English MT System

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Abstract Chinese-English machine translation is a significant and challenging problem in information processing. The paper presents an interlingua-based Chinese-English natural language translation system (ICENT). It introduces the realization mechanism of Chinese language analysis, which contains syntactic parsing and semantic analyzing and gives the design of interlingua in details. Experimental results and system evaluation are given. The result is satisfying.
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QI Xuan (齐璇)
ZHOU Huiping (周会平) CHEN Huowang (陈火旺)
LIU Tian
Keywordsmachine translation   syntactic parsing   semantic analysis   interlingua   NP-hard   exact counting   closeness   quantum computation     
Revised 2002-07-10
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QI Xuan (齐璇), ZHOU Huiping (周会平) and CHEN Huowang (陈火旺).An Interlingua-Based Chinese-English MT System[J]  Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2002,V17(4): 0-0
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