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Journal of Computer Science and Technology 2014, Vol. 29 Issue (4) :550-561    DOI: 10.1007/s11390-014-1449-2
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Collaborative Mobile Charging and Coverage
Jie Wu (吴杰), Fellow, IEEE
Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122, U.S.A.

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Abstract Wireless energy charging using mobile vehicles has been a viable research topic recently in the area of wireless networks and mobile computing. This paper gives a short survey of recent research conducted in our research group in the area of collaborative mobile charging. In collaborative mobile charging, multiple mobile chargers work together to accomplish a given set of objectives. These objectives include charging sensors at different frequencies with a minimum number of mobile chargers and reaching the farthest sensor for a given set of mobile chargers, subject to various constraints, including speed and energy limits of mobile chargers. Through the process of problem formulation, solution construction, and future work extension for problems related to collaborative mobile charging and coverage, we present three principles for good practice in conducting research. These principles can potentially be used for assisting graduate students in selecting a research problem for a term project, which can eventually be expanded to a thesis/dissertation topic.
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Jie Wu
KeywordsInternet of Things   mobile charger   optimal solution   sensor   wireless networks mobile computing     

The work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation of USA under Grant Nos. CCF 1301774, ECCS 1231461, CNS 1156574, CNS 1065444, and ECCS 1128209.

About author: Jie Wu is chair and Laura H. Carnell Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Temple University. Prior to joining Temple University, he was a program director at the National Science Foundation and Distinguished Professor at Florida Atlantic University. His current research interests include mobile computing and wireless networks, routing protocols, cloud and green computing, network trust and security, and social network applications.
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