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Information for authors

1. Manuscripts are accepted for review on the understanding that they have not been published, nor are presently submitted for publication in any other English journals. Enhanced versions of papers previously published in conference proceedings may be considered provided it is notified when the paper is submitted, especially if they are of particularly high quality or include substantially new material. Prior publication of an abstract, summary, or other abbreviated form of the material, shall not preclude publication in this journal when notice of such prior or concurrent publication is given at the time of submission.

2. JCST publishes four types of papers: Regular Paper (Its length is not seriously limited.), Short Paper (Its length is not more than 5 typewritten pages.), Survey, and Review. For all manuscripts submitted to this journal, a list of 3--5 keywords and an abstract of 100--200 words are required.

3. All contributions are handled in the same fashion. Review management is under the direction of an area editor, who will solicit two reviews for each submission. Usually, the review process takes 3~6 months, and the publication process after acceptance can take additional 4~6 months. However, JCST will make every effort to shorten the processes.

4. For submission, please login at and upload your paper with .DOC or .PDF file. Before you do this please be sure that the file is not infected by viruses.

5. For an accepted paper, authors are invited to submit the final version as TeX, LaTeX, or Word file which should be accompanied by .pdf file of the revised paper; which should also contain a README file explaining any nonstandard conversions of macros, etc., that the author(s) has used. Authors should specify exactly what computer and word processor (including the version) were used. All parts of the manuscript should be typed sesqui-spaced on only one side of the paper with at least one-inch margins all around. Please refer to JCST Publish Template (LATEX, WORD ).

6. Please supply the photo and technical biography of each author upon the acceptance of the paper.

7. The references should be listed at the end of the manuscript and numbered in the order they are cited in the main text. For journals the following information should appear: names (including initials of the first names) of all authors, full title of the paper, and journal name, year of publication, volume, issue number and pages.. For books the following should be listed: author(s), full title, edition, place of publication, publisher and year. Examples are as follows.

    [1] Sayah J Y, Kime C R. Test scheduling in high performance VLSI system implementations. IEEE Trans. Computers, 1992, 41(1): 52-67.
    [2] Plotkin G D. A semantics for type checking. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science 526, Ito T, Meyer A R(eds.), Springer-Verlag, 1991, pp.1-17.
    [3] Kwan A W, Bic L. A structuring technique for compute-aggregate-broadcast algorithms on distributed memory computers. In Proc. the 6th Int. Parallel Processing Symp., March 1992, pp.10-17.

8. The end of a proof should be marked by a □.

9. All easily confused characters and symbols, upper and lower case letters, as well as block and italicized lettering should be noticed to the production editor.

10. Please notify the JCST office immediately of a change of your address.

11. After publication of a manuscript, the author(s) will receive the issue of the journal free of charge.

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