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Real-time Underwater Image Enhancement using Adaptive Full-Scale Retinex

Xing-Gui Xu1(徐兴贵), Xiang-Suo Fan 2,*(樊香所) and Yong-Li Liu3(刘永利)   

  1. 1School of Information, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Kunming 650221, China
    2School of Electrical Electronics and Computer Science, Guangxi University of Science and Technology, Liuzhou 545006, China
    3Department of Information and Communication, College of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force, Chengdu 610213, China
  • Received:2020-10-30 Revised:2022-08-23 Accepted:2022-12-13
  • Contact: Xiang-Suo Fan
  • About author:Xiang-Suo Fan is an assistant professor in School of Electrical Electronics and Computer Science, Guangxi University of Science and Technology. He received his Ph.D degree in in-formation processing from University of Elec-tronic Science and Technology of China, Cheng-du, in 2019, and his B.S. degree in electronic en-gineering from Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, in 2015. Currently he is mainly interest-ed in image processing and objects detection. He has published over twenty papers in referred conferences and journals.

Current Retinex-based image enhancement methods with fixed scale filters cannot adapt to situations involving various depths of field and illuminations. In this paper, a simple but effective method based on adaptive full-scale Retinex (AFSR) is proposed to clarify underwater images or videos. First, we de-sign an adaptive full-scale filter that is guided by the optical transmission rate to estimate illumination components. Then, to reduce the computational complexity, we develop a quantitative mapping method instead of non-linear log functions for directly calculating the reflection component. Moreover, the proposed method is capable of real-time processing of underwater video using temporal coherence and Fourier transformations. Compared with eight state-of-the-art clarification methods, our method yields comparable or better results for image contrast enhancement, color-cast correction and clarity.


4、结果(Result & Findings)

Key words: underwater; image enhancement; Retinex; imaging through turbulent media;

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[3] Yong-Ji Wang,Matthew Cartmell,Qiu-Ming Tao,and and Han Liu. A Generalized Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance Method Without the Cspace Calculation [J]. , 2005, 20(6): 774-787 .
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