Special Issue: Computer Networks and Distributed Computing

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Detecting and Locating Failures in Communication Networks

Shi Weigeng;   

  1. Department of Electrical Engineering Worcester Polytechnic Institute; U.S.A.;
  • Online:1990-05-10 Published:1990-05-10

The connectivity of a strongly connected network may be destroyed after link damage.Since many net- works are connected by directed links,the reachability may be restored by altering the direction of one or more of the links and thus reconfigoring the network.The location of the failed link must first be determined.In this paper,we examine new methods to determine the location of failed links and nodes in networks.A routing test approach is proposed and the conditions under which communication networks may …

Key words: data streams; Naïve Bayes; random decision trees; mobile processes; л-calculus; bisimulation; decision procedure;

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