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Macro-Dataflow Computational Model and Its Simulation

Sun Yudong; Xie Zhiliang;   

  1. Shanghai Jiaotong University;
  • Online:1990-05-10 Published:1990-05-10

This paper discusses the relationship between parallelism granularity and system overhead of dataflow computer systems,and indicates that a trade-off between them should be determined to obtain optimal efficiency of the overall system.On the basis of this discussion,a macro-dataflow computational model is established to exploit the task-level parallelism.Working as a macro-dataflow computer,an Ex- perimental Distributed Dataflow Simulation System (EDDSS) is developed to examine the effectiveness of the macr…

Key words: computer software; frequent closed pattern; data mining; XML; Xpath; finite automata; invertibility; public key cryptosystem;

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