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A Framework for Command Recovery in User Interface

Wang Haiying;   

  1. Institute of Computing Technology Academia Sinica;
  • Online:1990-05-10 Published:1990-05-10

In this paper,a framework is presented for adding a general command recovery facility to user interface.A simple model of interactive system is discussed and four meta commands,UNDO,RE- DO,SKIPBACK,and SKIPFORWARD,are defined.The double-linked list is used to organize the re- covery information in a natural way for easy implementation.Applications of the framework to various demands of command recoveries show that the use of the framework is very easy and convenient.

Key words: job scheduling; non-dedicated and heterogeneous NOW computing; resource allocation; CAD; CAD modeling; heterogeneous modeling; multi-volume modeling; nonmanifold modeling; solid freeform fabrication;

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