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Some Hard Examples for the Resolution Method

Yu Xiangdong;   

  1. Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuhan;
  • Online:1990-05-10 Published:1990-05-10

Given n propositional variables,let K_n(i,j),0≤i≤j≤n,be the set (or disjunction )of all conjunctions of i literals of which exactly j literais are negative.Dunham and Wang conjectured that it may require exponential time to decide that every disjunction K_n (i,j)is not valid by the resolution method.This paper gives a proof of the conjecture and then exhibits a new counterexample to the feasibility of the resolution or con- sensus method.

Key words: computer graphics; point-sampled surface; segmentation; parameterization; $k$-means clustering; multidimensional scaling; 3D manipulation; solid modeling; virtual environment; constraint;

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