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The Researches in Fault-Tolerant D ataflow Architecture

Wang Lei; Tan Ying;   

  1. Tianjin University Tianjin; Kansas University; U.S.A.;
  • Online:1991-07-10 Published:1991-07-10

Fault-tolerant dataflow system is an entirely new field.This paper presents an overview of FTDF-TD.a fault-tolerant dataflow system.Various aspects of FTDF-TD,such as the architecture, the fault-tolerant strategy,and its reliability,are described.The research on overhead and performance evaluation based on software simulation is introduced.It is shown that FTDF-TD gets valuable results in reducing overhead,execution time and increasing reliability of processor array,compared with two other fault-tolerant sy…

Key words: information integration,data model,semistructured data,extracting schema;

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