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The Complexity of Recognition in the Single-Layered PLN Network with Feedback Connections

Zhang Bo; Zhang Ling;   

  1. Dept.of; Computer; Science; Technology; Tsinghua; University; Beijing; 100084; Mathematics; Anqing; Teachers'; College; Anhui; 246011;
  • Online:1993-07-10 Published:1993-07-10

Regarding a single-layered PLN network with feedback connections as an associative memory network,the complexity of recognition is discussed.We have the main result:if the size of the network N is m,then the complexity of recognition is an exponential function of m.The necessary condition under which the complexity of recognition is polynomial is given.

Key words: adaptive color histogram; mean shift; head tracking;

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[1] LIU Qingshan (刘青山), MA Songde (马颂德) and LU Hanqing (卢汉青). Head Tracking Using Shapes and Adaptive Color Histograms [J]. , 2002, 17(6): 0-0.
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