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Parallel Execution of Prolog on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors

Gao Yaoqing; Wang Dingxing; Zheng Weimin; Shen Meiming;Huang Zhiyi; Hu Shouren; Giotto Levi;   

  1. Dept.of; Computer; Science; Technology; Tsinghua; University; Beijing; 100084; Changsha; Institute; Hunan; 410073; Dipartimento; Informatica; Universita; Pica.Corso; Italia; 1—56125; Pisa; Italy;
  • Online:1993-07-10 Published:1993-07-10

Logic programs offer many opportunities for the exploitation of parallelism.But the parallel execution of a task incurs various overheads This paper focuses on the issues relevant to parallelizing Prolog on shared-memory multiprocessors efficiently.

Key words: weakly connected environment; data replication; consistency; epidemic model; optimistic voting;

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