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On the Problem of Optimizing Parallel Programs for Complex Memory Hierarchies

Jin Guohua; Chen Fujie;   

  1. Department of Computer Science; Changsha Institute of Technology; Changsha 410073
  • Online:1994-01-10 Published:1994-01-10

Based on a thorough study of the relationship between array element accesses and loop indices of the nested loop, a method is presented with which the staggering relation and the compacting relation between the threads of the nested loop (either with a single linear function or with multiple linear functions) can be determined at compile-time,and accordingly the nested loop (either perfectly nested one or imperfectly nested one)can be restructured to avoid the thrashing problem. Due to its simplicity, our m…

Key words: BIST; CMOS complex cell; stuck-open faults; testing; TPG;

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