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On GID-Testable Two-Dimensional Iterative Arrays

Huang WeiKang; F.Lombard;   

  1. Dept.of Electrical Engineering; Fudan Univereity; Shanghai 200433; Dept.of Computer Science; Texas A&M Universitg; College Station; Texas 77843-3112; USA;
  • Online:1994-01-10 Published:1994-01-10

A new approach is presented for easily testable two-dimensional iterative arrays.It is an improvment on GI-testability (Group Identical testability) and is referred to as GID-testability (Group Identical and Different testability). In a GID-testable twodimensional array, the primary x and y outputs are organized into groups and every group has more than one output. This is similar to the GI-testable arrays. However,GID-testability not only ensures that identical test responses can be obtained from every out…

Key words: lower bound estimation; chaining; pipelining; mutual exclusion; high-level synthesis;

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