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Generating Conformance Tests for Nondeterministic Protocol Machines

Luo Gang;   

  1. Department d'IRO; Univerersitg de Montreal; C.P. 6128; Succ. A; Montreal; P.Q.; H3C 3J7 Canada;
  • Online:1994-07-10 Published:1994-07-10

We present a method of generating test cases from the software specifications which are modeled by nondeterministic finite state machines. It is applicable to both nondeterministic and deterministic finite state machines. When applied to deterministic machines, this method yields usually smaller test suites with full fault coverage than the existing methods that also assure full fault coverage. In particular, the proposed mehod can be used to test the control portion of software specified in the formal…

Key words: IP QoS; differentiated service; marker; RED (Random Early Detection);

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