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Building Case-Based Preliminary Design Systems: A Hopfield Network Approach

Wu Wei; Zhong Wanxie; Sheng Zhijin;   

  1. Research Institute of Engineering Mechanics; Dalian University of Technology; Dalian 116024; China National Computer Software Technology Service Corpomtion; Beijing 100080;
  • Online:1994-07-10 Published:1994-07-10

This paPer addresses the issue of building a case-based preliminary design system by using Hopfield networks. one limitation of Hopfield networks is that it cannot be tralned, i.e. the weights between two neurons must be set in advance. A pattern stored in Hopfield networks cannot be recalled if the pattern is not a local minimum.Two concepts are proposed to deal with this problem. They are the multiple training encoding method and the puppet encoding method. The multiple training encoding method, which gua…

Key words: transmission control protocol (TCP); congestion control; additive-increase multip\-licative-decrease (AIMD); weighted resource allocation;

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