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Efficient Realization of Frequently Used Bijections on Cube-Connected Cycles

Liu Zhipong; Liu Qun; Zhang Xiang;   

  1. Institute of Computing Technology; The Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100080;
  • Online:1995-07-10 Published:1995-07-10

CCC has lower hardware complexity than hypercube and is suited for current VLSI technology LC-permutations are a large set of important permutations frequently used in various parallel computations. Existing routing algorithms for CCC cannot realize LC-permutations without network conflict. Wepresent an algorithm to realize LC-permutations on CCC. The algorithm consists of two periods of inter-cycle transmissions and one period of inner-cycletransmissions. In the inter-cycle transmissions the dimensional li…

Key words: distributed real-time database system; commit protocol; transaction dependency;

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