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Simulation of ATPG Neural Network and Its Experimental Results

Zhang Zhong;   

  1. National Researeh Center for Intelligent Computing Systems; P. O. Box 2704Beijing 100080;
  • Online:1995-07-10 Published:1995-07-10

This paper first establishes a neural network model for logic circuits fromthe truth table by using linear equations theory, presents a kind of ATPG neuralnetwork model, and investigates energy local minima for the network- And then,it proposes the corresponding techniques to reduce the number of energy localminima as well as some approaches to escaping from local minimum of eliergyFinally, two simulation systems, the binary ATPG neural network and thecontinuous ATPG neural network, are implemented oli SUN …

Key words: task scheduling; Grid computing; quality of service (QoS); non-dedicated computing;

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