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Intention Maintenance as Conflict Resolution upon a Means-Network

Liu Heyun; Wang Kehong; Shi Chunyi; Wang Dingxing;   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Technology; Tsinghua University; Beijing 100084; Current address: Software Centre; Shanghai Bell Telephone Equipment Manufacturing Co.Ltd.; 566 Quyang Road; Shanghai 20;
  • Online:1995-07-10 Published:1995-07-10

This paper presents a model for intention maintenance. It assumes that anintention is associated with a means network, and intention maintenance is aconflict resolution upon means networks. The difference between the viewpointsof AI planning and intention maintenance is explained first, then a model ofintention, the conditions under which conflicts between the means occur andthe algorithms for determining the influence of removing a means awny from ameans network are presented.

Key words: grid; semantic web; knowledge sharing; web knowledge base;

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