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The Methodology of Testability Prediction for Sequential Circuits

Xu Shiyi; G.P.Dias;   

  1. Shanghai University of Science and Technology; Shanghai 201800;
  • Online:1996-11-10 Published:1996-11-10

Increasingly, test generation algorithms are being developed with the con-tinuous creations of incredibly sophisticated computing systems. Of all the developments of testable as well as reliable designs for computing systems, the test generation for sequential circuits is usually viewed as one of the hard nuts to be solved for its complexity and time-consuming issue. Although dozens of algorithms have been proposed to cope with this issue, it still remains much to be desired in solving such problems as to d…

Key words: temporal logic; temporal logic programming; frame; projection; concurrency; AM (Agile Manufacturing); AVE(Agile Virtual Enterprise); dynamic organization; methodology;

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