Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

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Neural Networks for Omni-View Road Image Understanding

Zhu Zhigang; Xu Guangyou;   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Technology; Tsinghua University; Beijing 100084;
  • Online:1996-11-10 Published:1996-11-10

This paper presents a new approach to the outdoor road scene understand-ing by using omni-view images and backpropagation networks. Both the road directions used for vehicle heading and the road categories used for velilcle local-ization are determined by the integrated system. There are three main features about the work. First, an omni-view image sensor is used to extract image samples, and the original image is preprocessed so that the inputs of the net-work is rotation-invariant and simple. Second, the …

Key words: pattern recognition; off-line Arabic character recognition; feature extraction; hidden Markov models; fault-tolerance; check-pointing; atomic operation; recoverability of file systems;

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