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Compact DC-DC Converter for Pocket Micro-Controller Systems

Liu Jian; Chen Zhiming; Zhong Yanru; Du Zhong;   

  1. Automation Engineering Department; Xi'an University of Technology; Xi'an 710048;
  • Online:1996-11-10 Published:1996-11-10

Novel compact DC-DC converters for pocket micro-controller systems are discussed in the paper, which are based on switched capacitors and inductorless,consequently are more suitable for being hybridized. The new converters en-able the pocket microcontroller system to be powered by only one +12V source,while +5V and -12V are converted from the +12V source. The basic princi-ple, voltage ratio, efficiency and ripples are analysed. Experiment and SPICE simulation are also given, which show positive results.

Key words: secret sharing; generalized adversary structure; write structure; equivalence class; reduction;

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