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Exploiting Loop Parallelism with Redundant Execution

Tang Weiyu; Shi Wu; Zang Binxu; Zhu Chuanqi;   

  1. Institute of Parallel Processing; Fudan University; Shanghai 200433; E-mail: aqzhu@fudan.ihep.ac.cn;
  • Online:1997-03-10 Published:1997-03-10

In this paper, a new loop transformation is proposed that can exploit parallelism in loops which cannot be found by traditional methods. Then the method is extended to show how to achieve maximum speedup of loops if there are infinite processors and how to balance the workload of parallel sections in loops i f there is fixed number of processors.

Key words: program slicing; chaining slice; process dependence graph; circuit extraction; VLSI; functional verification;

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