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Asynchronous Superimposition Mechanismsof Concurrent Competitve Waves forHyper-Distributed Hyper-Parallel HeuristicProblem Solving

Shuai Dianxun;   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Technology Xi'an University-of Electronic Science and Technology; Xi'an 710071;
  • Online:1997-07-10 Published:1997-07-10

This paper presents a new approach to hyper-distributed hyper-parallel heuristic AI problem solving, which is based on asynchronous superimposition of synchronous homogeneous concurrent propagations of competitive waves. In comparison with synchronous homogeneous mechanism, the proposed approach shows better generalityl suitability and feasibility for real-time AI processing,especially for the search of implicit AND/OR graphs.

Key words: action refinement; real-time process algebra; semantics; timed event structure; formal method;

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