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A Stochastic Approach for Blurred Image Restoration and Optical Flow Computation on Field Image Sequence

Gao Wen; Chen Xilin;   

  1. Department of Computer Science; Harbin Institute of Technology; Harbin 150001;
  • Online:1997-09-10 Published:1997-09-10

The blur in target images caused by camera vibration due to robot motion or hand shaking and by object(s) moving in the background scene is different to deal with in the computer vision system. In this paper, the authors study the relation model between motion and blur in the case of object motion existing in video image sequence, and work on a practical computation algorithm for both motion analysis and blur image restoration. Combining the general optical flow and stochastic process, the paper presents an approach by which the motion velocity can be calculated from blurred images. On the other hand, the blurred image can also be restored using the obtained motion information. For solving a problem with small motion limitation on the general optical flow computation, a multiresolution optical flow algorithm based on MAP estimation is proposed. For restoring the blurred image, an iteration algorithm and the obtained motion velocity are used. The experiment shows that the proposed appro…

Key words: PVFS; parallel I/O; I/O response time;

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