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A Type of Triangular Ball Surface and its Properties

Hu Shimin; Wang Guojin; Sun Jiaguang;   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Technology; Tsinghua University Beijing 100084; P.R. China Department of Applied Mathematics; Zhejiang University; Hangzhou 310027; P.R. China;
  • Online:1998-01-10 Published:1998-01-10

A new type of bivariate generalized Ball basis function on a triangle is presented for free-form surface design. Some properties of the basis function are given, then degree elevation, recursive evaluation and some other properties of the generalized Ball surfaces are also derived. It is shown that the proposed recursive evaluation algorithm is more efficient than those of the old surfaces.

Key words: multi-resolution; signal analysis; wavelet transform; quotient space; the second-generation wavelets;

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