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Where Does the Time Go in Software DSMs?—Experiences with JIAJIA

SHI Weisong; HU weiwu; TANG Zhimin;   

  1. Institute of Computing Technology; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100080; P.R. China;
  • Online:1999-05-10 Published:1999-05-10

The performance gap between software DSM systems and message passing platforms prevents the prevalence of software DSM system greatly, though great efforts have been delivered in this area in the past decade. In this paper, we take the challenge to find where we should focus our efforts in the future design. The components of total system overhead of software DSM systems are analyzed in detail firstly. Based on a state-of-the-art software DSM system JIAJIA, we measure these components on Dawning parallel sy…

Key words: IP-DiffServ; traffic engineering; network plan; quantitative QoS management;

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