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Hierarchical Bulk Synchronous Parallel Model and Performance Optimization

HUANG Linpeng; SUN Yongqiang; YUAN Wei;   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering; Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai 200030; P.R. China;
  • Online:1999-05-10 Published:1999-05-10

Based on the framework of BSP, a Hierarchical Bulk Synchronous Parallel (HBSP) performance model is introduced in this paper to capture the per formance optimization problem for various stages in parallel program development and to accurately predict the performance of a parallel program by considering fac tors causing variance at local computation and global communication. The related methodology has been applied to several real applications and the results show that HBSP is a suitable model for optimizing…

Key words: digital image watermarking; log-polar mapping;

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