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A Model for Dynamic Adaptive Coscheduling

LU Sanglu; ZHOU Xiaoboand; XIE Li;   

  1. National Laborutory of Novel COmputer Software Technology Department of Computer Science; Nanjing University; Nanjing 210093; P.R. China;
  • Online:1999-05-10 Published:1999-05-10

This paper proposes a dynamic adaptive coscheduling model DASIC to take advantage of excess available resources in a network of workstations (NOW).Besides coscheduling related subtasks dynamically, DASIC can scale up or down the process space depending upon the number of available processors on an NOW.Based on the dynamic idle processor group (IPG), DASIC employs three modules:the coscheduling module, the scalable scheduling module and the load balancing module, and uses six algorithms to achieve scalabilit…

Key words: error recovery; fault tolerance; complementary logic; alternating-retry; temporary error; stuck-at-error;

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