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A Multimedia Synchronization Model Based on Timed Petri Net

LIANG Yongquan; SHI Zhongzhi;   

  1. 1Institute of Computing Technology; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100080; P.R. China 2Shandong Institute of Mining and Technology; Taian 271019; P.R. China;
  • Online:1999-05-10 Published:1999-05-10

Multimedia synchronization is a significant requirement for distributed multimedia applications. In this paper, a multimedia synchronization model based on timed Petri nets is presented. Using this model one can give the abstraction and formal description for multimedia object compositions with time-constrained relations. Algorithms for asynchronous user interactions are also presented.

Key words: fixed polarity; logic synthesis; mixed polarity; Reed-Muller; truth vector;

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