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Computing Bisimulations for Finite-Controlπ-Calculus

LIN Huimin;   

  1. Laboratory for Computer Science; Institute of Software; Chinese Academy of Sciences P.O Box 8718; Beijing 100080; P.R. China ;
  • Online:2000-01-10 Published:2000-01-10

Symbolic bisimulation avoids the infinite branching problem causedby instantiating input names with all names in the standard definition of bisimulation in л-calculus. However, it does not automatically lead to an efficient algorithm,because symbolic bisimulation is indexed by conditions on names,and directly manipulating such conditions can be computationally costly. In this paper a new notionof bisimulation is introduced, in which the manipulation of maximally consistent conditions is replaced with a syst…

Key words: video coding; image compression; AVS; H.264/AVC;

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