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Timing-Sequence Testing of Parallel Programs

LING Yu; LI Shu; ZHANG Hui; HAN Chengde;   

  1. Center of High-Performance Computing; Institute of Computing TechnologyChinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100080; P.R. China ;
  • Online:2000-01-10 Published:2000-01-10

Testing of parallel programs involves two parts-testing of controlflow within the processes and testing of timing-sequence. This paper focuses on thelatter, particularly on the timing-sequence of message-passing paradigms. Firstlythe coarse-grained SYN-sequence model is built up to describe the execution of distributed programs. All of the topics discussed in this paper are based on it. Themost direct way to test a program is to run it. A fault-free parallel program shouldbe of both correct computing result…

Key words: digital media; digital rights management; AVS (Audio and Video coding Standard);

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[1] Tie-Jun Huang and Yong-Liang Liu. Basic Considerations on AVS DRM Architecture [J]. , 2006, 21(3): 366-369 .
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