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Some Structural Properties of SAT

LIU Tian;   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Technology; Peking University; Beijing 100871; P.R. China;
  • Online:2000-09-10 Published:2000-09-10

The following four conjectures about structural properties of SAT are studied in this paper. (1) SAT ∈ PSPARSEnNP; (2) SAT ∈ SRTDtt; (3) SAT ∈ PttbAPP; (4) FPttSAT = FPlogSAT. It is proved that some pairs of these conjectures imply P = NP, for example, if SAT E pSPARsEnNP and SAT 6 PttbAPP, or if SAT E SRTDtt and SAT E PttbAPP, then P = NP. This improves previous results in literature.

Key words: group-based protocol; group-based architecture; group-based routing algorithm; large networks;

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[1] Jaime Lloret, Miguel Garcia, Jesus Tomás, and Fernando Boronat. GBP-WAHSN: A Group-Based Protocol for Large Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks [J]. , 2008, 23(3): 461-480 .
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