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Design and Implementation of Java Just-in-Time Compiler

DING Yuxin; MEI Jia; CHENG Hu;   

  1. Institute of Software; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100080; P.R. China ;
  • Online:2000-11-10 Published:2000-11-10

Early Java implementations relied on interpretation, leading to poor performance compared to compiled programs. Java just-in-time (JIT) compiler can compile Java programs at runtime, so it not only improves Java's performance prominently, but also preserves Java's portability. In this paper the design and implementing techniques of Java JIT compiler based on Chinese open system are discussed in detail. To enhance the portability, a translating method which combines the static simulating method and macro e…

Key words: nanoelectronics; hybrid; fault tolerance; microelectronics; device; circuit; computer systems;

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