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Implementation of Java Card Virtual Machine

LIU Songyan; MAO Zhigang; YE Yizheng;   

  1. Microelectronic Center Harbin Institute of Technology; Harbin 150001; P.R. China ;
  • Online:2000-11-10 Published:2000-11-10

Java card is a new system for programming smart cards, which is based on the Java language and Virtual Machine. Java card programs (applets) run in Java Card Runtime Environment (JCRE) including the Java Card Virtual Machine (JCVM), the framework, the associated native methods and the API (Ap plication Programming Interface). JCVM is implemented as two separate pieces: off-card VM (Virtual Machine) and on-card VM. The stack model and heap memory structure used by on-card VM and exception handling are intro…

Key words: bit-parallel systolic multiplier; inner product; dual basis; Galois field GF(2^m);

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