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The Differential Equation Algorithm for General Deformed Swept Volumes

WANG Guoping; HUA Xuanji; SUN Jiaguang;   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Technology; Peking University; Beijing 100871; P.R. China; Department of Mathematics; Fadan University; Shanghai 200433; P.R. China; CAD Center Department of Computer Science;….
  • Online:2000-11-10 Published:2000-11-10

The differential equation approach for characterizing swept volume boundaries is extended to include objects experiencing deformation. For deformed swept volume, it is found that the structure and algorithm of sweep-envelope differential equation (SEDE) are similar between the deformed and the rigid swept volumes. The efficiency of SEDE approach for deformed swept volume is proved with an example.

Key words: crosstalk; resource assignment; routing; track reservation; VLSI;

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