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Updating Recursive XML Views of Relations

Byron Choi1,4, Gao Cong2,4, Wenfei Fan3,4, and Stratis D. Viglas4   

  1. 1Division of Information System, School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, 639798, Singapore 2Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing 100080, China 3Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ07974-0636, U.S.A. 4University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 9LE, Scotland, U.K.
  • Received:2007-09-03 Revised:2008-03-07 Online:2008-07-10 Published:2008-07-10

This paper investigates the view update problem for {\sc XML} views published from relational data. We consider {\sc XML} views defined in terms of mappings directed by possibly recursive {\sc DTD}s compressed into {\sc DAG}s and stored in relations. We provide new techniques to efficiently support {\sc XML} view updates specified in terms of {\sc XP}ath expressions with recursion and complex filters. The interaction between {\sc XP}ath recursion and {\sc DAG} compression of {\sc XML} views makes the analysis of the {\sc XML} view update problem rather intriguing. Furthermore, many issues are still open even for relational view updates, and need to be explored. In response to these, on the {\sc XML} side, we revise the notion of side effects and update semantics based on the semantics of {\sc XML} views, and present efficient algorithms to translate {\sc XML} updates to relational view updates. On the relational side, we propose a mild condition on {\sc SPJ} views, and show that under this condition the analysis of deletions on relational views becomes { PTIME} while the insertion analysis is { NP}-complete. We develop an efficient algorithm to process relational view deletions, and a heuristic algorithm to handle view insertions. Finally, we present an experimental study to verify the effectiveness of our techniques.

Key words: Open Directory; Zero-Keyword Inquiry; information matching engine; layered keyword mapping;

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