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A Script-Based Prototyping Framework to Boost Agile-UX Developments

Pedro Luis Mateo Navarro, Gregorio Martínez Pérez, Member, IEEE, Diego Sevilla Ruiz   

  1. Cátedra Sociedad Anónima de Electrónica Submarina(SAES) Laboratories, University of Murcia, Murcia 30100, Spain
  • Received:2015-07-29 Revised:2016-09-13 Online:2016-11-05 Published:2016-11-05

Prototypes are described as a successful mechanism to incorporate user-experience design (UX) into Agile developments,but their integration into such developments is not exempt from difficulties.Prototypes and final applications are often developed using different tools,which hinders the collaboration between designers and developers and also complicates reuse.Moreover,integrating stakeholders such as clients and users into the Agile process of designing,evaluating,and refining a prototype is not straightforward mainly because of its iterative nature.In an attempt to tackle these problems,this work presents the design and implementation of a new framework in which scripting languages are used to code prototyped behaviors.Prototyping is then treated as a separate aspect that coexists and runs together with final functionality.Using this framework communication is enhanced because designers and developers work in parallel on the same software artifact.Prototypes are fully reused and iteratively added with final functionality while prototyped behaviors are removed.They can be also modified on the fly to implement participatory design techniques.

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