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BSD/I18N—Internationalization of the 4.3BSD U N IX System

Zhou Jianqiang; Yang Liqun; Pan Shilei; Tan Hong;   

  1. Dept.of; Computer; Science; Nanjing; University; 210008; Zhongli(Omron; Shanghai)Computer; Company; Shanghai; 200030; Jiaotong;
  • Online:1993-07-10 Published:1993-07-10

BSD/118N prelect is established for the purpose of internationalizing the 4.3BSD UNIX systems. Its tasks are to provide an internationalized application software development environment,support the 4.3BSD commands/utilities with multi-language processing,and build a complete English and Japanese us- er environments without excluding other languages like Chinese and Korean.

Key words: mesh generation; background grid; triangular mesh; boundary recovery;

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