Special Issue: Computer Networks and Distributed Computing

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Throughput Models of CSMA Network with Stations Uniformly Distributed along the Bus

S. T. Chanson; L. Liang; A. Kumar   

  1. Department of Computer Science The University of British Columbia Vancouver B. C.; Canada; Department of Computer Science The University of British Columbia Vancouver B. C.;
  • Online:1987-07-10 Published:1987-07-10

The distribution of station locations in a CSMA network can have significant effect on network throughput. In this paper, we develop an analytic model for unslotted, non-persistent CSMA bus network where the stations are uniformly distributed along the bus. We derive a closod form expression for throughput approximation, and discuss the fairness of CSMA protocol using the bus topology. Analytic and simulation results are presented and compared.

Key words: Internet services; server clustering; load balancing; high availability;

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