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    Verification of Systolic Array:An FP Functional Approach
    Sun Yongqiang;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1988, 3 (2): 81-101. 
    Abstract   PDF(472KB) ( 1131 )   Chinese Summary
    There has been much interest in the use of formal techniques for the design and analysis of systolic arrays.One important aspect of analysis of systolic array is the correctness problem. A few attempts for the verification of systolic array have appeared in the literature. The deficiency is that all of these methods lack a straightforward way of proving correctness. They need either proposing a solution,then applying inductive techniques or showing that the array satisfies three types of properties:safety,l…
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    A New Method for Describing the AND-OR-Parallel Execution of Logic Programs
    Sun Chengzheng; Tzu Yungui;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1988, 3 (2): 102-112. 
    Abstract   PDF(346KB) ( 1014 )   Chinese Summary
    A new method for describing the execution of logic programs is presented in this paper.Our method, named OR-forest,not only retains the merits of the traditional OR-tree description in achieving high independence of each computation unit,but also overcomes the two major drawbacks of the traditional OR- tree description:the lack of the ability for describing AND-parallel execution and the redundancies in describing OR-parallel execution,It provides a new framework for developing execution models which could …
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    Extending the Object-Oriented Paradigm for Supporting Complex Objects
    Chen Qiming;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1988, 3 (2): 113-130. 
    Abstract   PDF(980KB) ( 1220 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper a generalized object-oriented approach for complex object modeling is proposed,which is characterized by adding the concept of Meta-Class into the object-oriented paradigm for unifying the handling of object types and primary data models,and also characterized by integrating the modeling of object type hierarchy and object configuration hierarchy.Concepts such as Compositional Relationship Object,Face,Object Configuration Schema Expression,Object Skeleton are introduced to specify object struc…
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    Data Dependencies in Database with Incomplete Information
    Zhang Yan; He Jichao;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1988, 3 (2): 131-138. 
    Abstract   PDF(376KB) ( 1150 )   Chinese Summary
    To get more meaning of incomplete information,a predicate way is proposed to represent the nulls.The concepts of functional and multivalued dependencies are extended in the environment which allows nulls in a database relation.The inference rules which can be applied to the extended dependencies are investigated.Finally it is shown that the rules are complete for the family of extended functional and multivalued dependencies.
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    Transaction Management in Distributed Database System POREL
    Wang Hanhu;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1988, 3 (2): 139-146. 
    Abstract   PDF(424KB) ( 1461 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper describes the architecture and implementation algorithm of a transaction management suhsystem (TM) in the distributed database system POREL.The TM has been reimplemented on VAX 11/750.
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    Ring Delay Chain for Exact Measure of Pulse Cycle Error
    Yin Yanzhi; Chen Changlin; Shen Baoning; Ding Shixiang;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1988, 3 (2): 147-152. 
    Abstract   PDF(324KB) ( 1179 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper introduces a new method named a ring delay chain for exact measure of pulse eycle error. This method can measure a few nanoseconds error and does not need any high frequency device.Application of this method has obtained very good result in a pilot equipment having a servo surface for magnetic disk storage.
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    An Expert System for Robot Transfer Planning
    Cai Zixing;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1988, 3 (2): 153-160. 
    Abstract   PDF(352KB) ( 1297 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper describes a planning system using an expert system for the part transfer operation on a robotic assembly line.It includes the description of system organization, the design technology and the planning results of this system.This planning system has good capability and fast planning speed.
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