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    An Inference Microprocessor Design
    Shen Xubang; Ma Guangti; Chen Lan;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 209-213. 
    Abstract   PDF(261KB) ( 1135 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper is concerned with the design of an inference microprocessor for production rule systems. Its implementation is based on both exact and inexact (fuzzy logic) reasoning,so it can he used for building various production rule systems.The methods of translating linguistically expressed rules into nu- merical representations are described and the hardware implementations are discussed.Finally,a parallel architecture for the inference microprocessor is presented.
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    KZ1——A Prototype of Intelligent Operating System
    Xie Li; Sun Zhongxiu; Pu Liang; Du Xing; Tan Yaoming;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 214-221. 
    Abstract   PDF(446KB) ( 1337 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper proposes an Intelligent Operating System (IOS) as the next generation operating system. IOS integrates operating system with artificial intelligence technology,and its key feature is an intelligent man-machine communication mechanism which makes the computer systems more friendly.The con- cepts,functions and architecture of IOS are introduced and an experimental IOS called KZ1 is des- cribed in detail.
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    Research and Implementation of the Practical Texture Synthesis Algorithms
    Sun Jiaguang; Zhou Yi;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 222-229. 
    Abstract   PDF(526KB) ( 1157 )   Chinese Summary
    How to generate pictures real and esthetic objects is an important subject of computer graphics. The techniques of mapping textures onto the surfaces of an object in the 3D space are efficient ap- proaches for the purpose.We developed and implemented algorithms for generating objects with appear ances stone,wood grain,ice lattice,brick,doors and windows on Apollo workstations. All the algorithms have been incorporated into the 3D geometry modelling system(GEMS)developed by the CAD Center of Tsinghua Univers…
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    Improving the Reliability of Computer Communication Networks
    Weigeng Shi; Brigitte Servatius;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 230-242. 
    Abstract   PDF(764KB) ( 1001 )   Chinese Summary
    For networks that are directed or can be represented by a directed network,reversing one or more of the uni-directional links may provide the ability to reconnect a network that has been disconnected by link failure, In this paper,a new approach to reconfigure such networks is proposed.We develop a linear time algorithm which,when reachability has been destroyed by the removal of a single link,optimally restores teachability through the reversal of selected links.Multi-link failure reconnectability is discu…
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    Reconnectable Network with Limited Resources
    Weigeng Shi;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 243-249. 
    Abstract   PDF(381KB) ( 1106 )   Chinese Summary
    The reachability of a strongly connected network may be destroyed after link damage.Since many networks are directed or equivalent directed,connected by directed links with the potential for reversal. Therefore the reachability can be restored by reversing the direction of links.[1]has studied this matter under unlimited resources(transmitter and receiver)condition.In this paper the reconnectability of a net- work with limited number of receivers and transmitters is discussed.Also a linear time algorithm is…
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    Naming in the Distributed Operating System ZGL
    Xue Xing; Sun Zhongxiu;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 250-255. 
    Abstract   PDF(325KB) ( 1096 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper,the naming scheme used in the heterogeneous distributed operating system ZGL is described and some of the representative techniques utilized in current distributed operating systems are examined.It is believed that the partitioning of the name space into many local name spaces and one global shared name space allows the ZGL system to satisfy each workstation s demand for local autono- my and still be able to facilitate transparent resource sharing.By the division of the system into clusters an…
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    A Mechanism Supporting the Client/Server Relationship in the Operating System of Distributed System “THUDS”
    Liao Xianzhi; Jin Lan;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 256-262. 
    Abstract   PDF(363KB) ( 1078 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper presents a distributed operating system modeled as an abstract machine that provides all the distributed processes with the same set of services.The kernel of our operating system supports ser- vices which are achieved by a remote procedure call on requests by parallel processes.Therefore,a scheme for solving the client-server relationship is required.In our system there are more than one cli- ents and,at least,a receive would he required for each.Similarly,there are more than one servers such th…
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    Literate Programming System CDS
    Zeng Yunfeng;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 263-270. 
    Abstract   PDF(277KB) ( 1029 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper presents a broad outline and some implementation techniques of the literate programming system CDS.Compared with the previous ones(e.g.WEB,Cweb),CDS has two main characteristics: 1)A Chinese-English typesetting system was developed to produce the documentation.This makes the Chinese documentation possible.2)A suitable method for automatic formatting was introduced to gener- ate the software documentation automatically.This frees the programmer from typesetting details while still allowing program…
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    Automated Tools for Rapid Prototyping
    Pan Jinping;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 271-275. 
    Abstract   PDF(150KB) ( 1136 )   Chinese Summary
    An automated environment is presented which aids the software engineers in developing data pro- cessing systems by using rapid prototyping techniques.The environment is being developed on VAX sta- tion.It can render good support to the specification of the requirements and the rapid creation of proto- type.The goal,the methodology,the general structure of the environment and two sub-systems are discussed.
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    Partitioning of Independent Tasks for Minimizing Completion Time and Total Waiting Time
    Zhang Zhongyun; Zhu Mingfa; Li Jie;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 276-281. 
    Abstract   PDF(324KB) ( 1174 )   Chinese Summary
    Parallel processors provide fast computing environments for various users.But the real efficiencies of parallel processors intensively depend on the partitioning strategies of tasks over the processors.In this paper,the partitioning problems of independent tasks for homogeneous system of parallel processors are quantitatively studied.We adopt two criteria,minimizing the completion time and the total waiting time, to determine the optimal partitioning strategy.
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    The Polynomially Exponential Time Restrained Analytical Hierarchy
    Sui Yuefei;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 282-284. 
    Abstract   PDF(174KB) ( 1345 )   Chinese Summary
    A polynomially exponential time restrained analytical hierarchy is introduced with the basic proper ties of the hierarchy followed.And it will be shown that there is a recursive set A such that A does not belong to any level of the p-arithmetical hierarchies.Then we shall prove that there are recursive sets A and B such that the different levels of the analytical hierarchy relative to A are different and for some n every level higher than n of the analytical hierarchy relative to B is the same as the n-th l…
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    Classification of the Index Sets of Low[n]~p and High [n]~p
    Sui Yuefei;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 285-290. 
    Abstract   PDF(212KB) ( 1178 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper we will first give the characterization of the p~-low p~-degree,and prove that a p.r.e. degree(?)contains a p~-speedable set A if and only if(?)′>P(?)′.Then we classify the index sets of Low[n]~p and High[n]~p and prove that Low [n]~p is Σ~P[n+3]-complete and High [n]~p is Σ~P [n+4]-complete.
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    Some Results on the Confluence Property of Combined Term Rewriting Systems
    Zhang Xubo;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 291-295. 
    Abstract   PDF(289KB) ( 1141 )   Chinese Summary
    Generally speaking,confluence property is not preserved when Term Rewriting Systems(TRSs) are combined,even if they are canonical.In this paper we give some sufficient conditions for ensuring the confluence property of combined left-linear,overlapping TRSs.
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    A Prototype Expert System for Automatic Generation of Image Processing Programs
    Song Maoqiang; Felix Grimm; Horst Bunke;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 296-300. 
    Abstract   PDF(327KB) ( 1166 )   Chinese Summary
    A prototype expert system for generating image processing programs using the subroutine pack- age SPIDER is described in this paper.Based on an interactive dialog,the system can generate a complete application program using SPIDER routines.
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    The THUDSOS Distributed Operating System
    Liao Xianzhi; Liu Xufeng; Jin Lan;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (3): 301-305. 
    Abstract   PDF(283KB) ( 1263 )   Chinese Summary
    The THUDSOS is a distributed operating system modeled as an abstract machine which provides de- centralized control,transparency,availability,and reliability,as well as a good degree of autonomy at each node,that makes our distributed system usable.Our operating system supports transparent access to data through network wide filesystem.The simultaneous access to any device is discussed for the case when the peripherals are treated as files.This operating system allows spawning of parallel applica- tion prog…
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