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    Competition Based Neural Networks for Assignment Problems
    Li Tao;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 305-315. 
    Abstract   PDF(584KB) ( 1041 )   Chinese Summary
    Competition based neural networks have been used to solve the generalized assignment problem and the quadratic assignment problem.Both problems are very difficult and are ε approximation complete.The neural network approach has yielded highly competitive performance and good performance for the quadratic assignment problem.These neural networks are guaranteed to produce feasible solutions.
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    Analogical Learning and Automated Rule Constructions
    Hayong Zhou;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 316-328. 
    Abstract   PDF(691KB) ( 1214 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper describes some experiments of analogical learning and automated rule construction.The present investigation focuses on knowledge acquisition,learning by analogy,and knowledge retention. The developed system initially learns from scratch,gradually acquires knowledge from,its environment through trial-and-error interaction,incrementally augments its knowledge base,and analogically solves new tasks in a more efficient and direct manner.
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    General Simulated Annealing
    Yao Xin; Li Guojie;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 329-338. 
    Abstract   PDF(308KB) ( 1099 )   Chinese Summary
    Simulated annealing is a new kind of random search methods developed in recent years.it can also be considered as an extension to the classical hill-climbing method in AI——probabilistic hill-cimbing.One of its most important features is its global convergence.The convergence of simulated annealing algorithm is determined by state generating probability,state accepting probability,and temperature decreasing rate.This paper gives a generalized simulated annealing algorithm with dynamic generating and acceptin…
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    A Relation Matrix Approach to Labelling Temporal Relations in Scheduling
    Zhang Bo; Zhang Ling;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 339-346. 
    Abstract   PDF(413KB) ( 1283 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper,we present a relation matrix description of temporal relations.Based on this model a new algorithm for labelling temporal relations is proposed.Under certain conditions the algorithm is completed and has a polynomial complexity.In general cases it is still an efficient algorithm compared to some known algorithms.
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    On Parallel Evaluation of Ordered Attribute Grammars
    Wang Shunqian; Ye Daxing;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 347-354. 
    Abstract   PDF(384KB) ( 1268 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper,a parallel algorithm is presented for the evaluation of ordered attribute grammars. The parallelism is achieved by constructing the so-called parallel visit sequences and accordingly aug- menting the ordinary evaluation driver as well.For experimental purposes,the algorithm has been imple- mented by simulation
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    Defining Dynamic Graphics by a Graphical Language
    Mao Qijing; Tai Juwei;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 355-361. 
    Abstract   PDF(225KB) ( 1162 )   Chinese Summary
    A graphical language which can be used for defining dynamic picture and applying control ac- tions to it is defined with an expanded attributed grammar.Based on this,a system is built for de- veloping the presentation of application data of user interface.This system provides user interface de- signers with a friendly and high efficient programming environment.
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    The ECSP Language and Its Implementation
    Zheng Jianping; Song Guoxing;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 362-369. 
    Abstract   PDF(421KB) ( 1205 )   Chinese Summary
    The ECSP language is a concurrent programming language following Hoare s proposals of Communicating Sequential Processes.To study the language,an implementation tool is designed. Based mainly on replacement,the method to execute the ECSP programs enables investigators to extend or revise the language flexibly.By formalizing this method,locality and validity of the implementation can be easily reached.
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    The UNIX Localization and Chinese Information Processing System
    Sun Yufang;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 370-375. 
    Abstract   PDF(350KB) ( 1128 )   Chinese Summary
    To facilitate the wider use of computers all over the world,it is necessary to provide National Language Support in the computer systems.This paper introduces some aspects of design and implementation of the UNIX-based Chinese Information Processing Systems(CIPS). Due to the special nature of the Oriental languages,and in order to be able to share resources and ex- change information between different countries,it is necessary to create a standard of multilingual informa- tion exchange code.The Unified Chin…
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    CMOS Design of Ternary Arithmetic Devices
    Wu Xunwei;F.Prosser;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 376-382. 
    Abstract   PDF(352KB) ( 1141 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper presents CMOS circuit designs of a ternary adder and a ternary multiplier,formulated using transmission function theory.Binary carry signals appearing in these designs allow conventional look-ahead carry techniques to be used.Compared with previous similar designs,the circuits proposed in this paper have advantages such as low dissipation,low output impedance,and simplicity of construction.
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    The Geometric Continuity of Rational Bezler Triangular Surfaces
    Tian Jie;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 383-388. 
    Abstract   PDF(194KB) ( 1109 )   Chinese Summary
    The problems of geometric continuity for rational Bezter surfaces are discussed. Concise conditions of first order and second order geometric continuity for rational triangular Bézier surfaces are given. Meanwhile,a geometric condition for smoothness between adjacent rational Bézier surfaces and the transformation formulae between rational triangular patches and rational rectangular patches are obtained.
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    Notes on the Design of an Integrated Object-Oriented DBMS Family
    Shang Lujun; Xu Lihui;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 389-394. 
    Abstract   PDF(349KB) ( 1125 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper summarizes the design and implementation notes of the CodDdBase system,which is a corn binative distributed database management system family based on an integrated object model.CoDdBase is implemented in CLUSTER 86,a general purposed object-oriented programming language designed by the authors.The CoDdBase environment is actually a part of the CLUSTER 86 programming environment,which offers various object-based models,supplies miscellaneous building blocks for constructing different distributed …
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    The Researches in Fault-Tolerant D ataflow Architecture
    Wang Lei; Tan Ying;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1991, 6 (4): 395-398. 
    Abstract   PDF(215KB) ( 1357 )   Chinese Summary
    Fault-tolerant dataflow system is an entirely new field.This paper presents an overview of FTDF-TD.a fault-tolerant dataflow system.Various aspects of FTDF-TD,such as the architecture, the fault-tolerant strategy,and its reliability,are described.The research on overhead and performance evaluation based on software simulation is introduced.It is shown that FTDF-TD gets valuable results in reducing overhead,execution time and increasing reliability of processor array,compared with two other fault-tolerant sy…
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