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    The Catalog Management Strategy of Distributed Data Base Systems
    Zhou Longxiang; Qin Jiying;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 193-203. 
    Abstract   PDF(458KB) ( 1228 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper the catalog management strategy of the successfully integrating andrunning DDBMS C-POREL is summarized. The new catalog management strategyand its implementation scheme are based on the analysis of the catalog managementmethods of the pioneer DDBMS. The goal of the new strategy is to improve the systemefficiency. Analysis and practice show that this strategy is successful.
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    A Distributed Algorithm for Determining Minimal Covers of Acyclic Database Schemes
    Ye Xinming;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 204-214. 
    Abstract   PDF(469KB) ( 1263 )   Chinese Summary
    Acyclic databases possess several desirable properties for their design and use. Adistributed algorithm is proposed for determining a minimal cover of an alpha-, beta-,gamma-, or Berge-acyclic database scheme over a set of attributes in a distributedenvironment.
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    Story Parsing Grammar
    Zhang Songmao;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 215-228. 
    Abstract   PDF(575KB) ( 1212 )   Chinese Summary
    Story understanding is one of the important branches of natural language under-standing research in AI techniques. A new approach to story understanding is proposedin this paper. The so-called Story Parsing Grammar (SPG) is used to represent thestory abstracting processes with different degrees in story understanding, and the storyunderstanding process is converted to the story recognizing process done by the syn-tactic parser of SPG. This kind of story understanding is called story parsing. In thispaper, f…
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    Bottom-up Evaluation of Datalog with Negation
    Shi Baile; Zhou Aoying;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 229-244. 
    Abstract   PDF(688KB) ( 1304 )   Chinese Summary
    Declarative semantics gives the meaning of a logic program in terms of properties,while the procedural semantics gives the meaning in terms of the execution or evalua-tion of the program. From the database point of view, the procedural semantics of theprogram is equally important. This paper focuses on the study of the bottom-up eval-uation of the WFM semantics of datalog- programs. To compute the WFM, first, thestability transformation is revisited, and a new operator Op and its fixpoint are defined.Based …
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    On the Relationship Between TMS and Logic Programs
    Wang Xianchang; Chen Huowang; Zhao Qinping;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 245-251. 
    Abstract   PDF(297KB) ( 1249 )   Chinese Summary
    The relationship between TMS and general logic programs is an important issue in non-monotonic logic programming. In this paper, we prove that, after we translate the TMS theory into a general logic program, the TMS's well-founded assignment (orextension) is equivalent to the corresponding general logic program's stable model. It means that TMS can be completely integrated into a non-monotonic logic programming environment.
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    Sequential Back-Propagation
    Wang Hui; Liu Dayou; Wang Yafei;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 252-260. 
    Abstract   PDF(379KB) ( 1194 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper we consider the problem of sequential processing and present a sequen-tial model based on the back-propagation algorithm. This model is intended to deal with intrinsically sequential problems, such as word recognition, speech recognition,natural language understanding. This model can be used to train a network to learn the sequence of input patterns, in a fixed order or a random order. Besides, this mod-el is open- and partial-associative, characterized as "recognizing while accumulating",whic…
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    The Least Basic Operations on Heap and Improved Heapsort
    Wu Jigang; Zhu Hong;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 261-266. 
    Abstract   PDF(223KB) ( 1829 )   Chinese Summary
    The best algorithms of INSERT and DELETE operations on heap is presented,by which HEAPSORT is improved. Inserting one element into and deleting one element from a heap of n elements spend at most [loglogn] comparisons and [logn]comparisons and transfers of element in the worst cases respectively. The improved HEAPSoRT spends n log n + n log logn + O(n) comparisons and element transfers (notswapl) in the worst case. It may be the best HEAPSORT algorithm since the lower bound of sorting algorithm [log nl] n l…
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    Some Results on Default Logic
    Zhang Mingyi;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 267-274. 
    Abstract   PDF(348KB) ( 1260 )   Chinese Summary
    In the previous paper, some important properties of extensions of general default theories were given. In order to further explore default logic, a characterization of extensions is presented. And a class of defaults, so-called Auto-compatible Default Theory, is also iotroduced. All these essentially develop the theories of Reiter and his followers.
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    An Object-Oriented Model ofUser Interface Generation Tool
    Tang Weiqing; Wen Sili; Liu Shenquan;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 275-284. 
    Abstract   PDF(459KB) ( 1301 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper mainly introduces a model of the Object-Oriented User Interface Gen-eration Tool (OOUIGT) and describes the procedure of the implementation. The oOUIGT (FasTool) has been implemented on SGI workstation. This enables the UI designing not to be a lower level programming procedure, but to be a higher level description procedure which is formal,convenient, comprehensive and fast.
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    TSP: A Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Supercomputing System Based on i860XP
    Huang Guoyong; Li Sanli;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1994, 9 (3): 285-288. 
    Abstract   PDF(167KB) ( 1509 )   Chinese Summary
    Numerous new RISC processors provide support for supercomputing. By using the "mini-Cray" i860 superscalar processor, an add-on board has been developed to boost the performance of a real time system. A parallel heterogeneous multiprocessor supercomputing system, TSP, is constructed. In this paper, we present the system design consideration and described the architecture of the TSP and its features.
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