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    A Parallel Voting Scheme for Aspect Recovery
    Chen Ke; Masumi Ishikawa;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 385-402. 
    Abstract   PDF(800KB) ( 1467 )   Chinese Summary
    Recently, a qualitative approach was proposed for 3-D shape recovery based on a hybrid object representation[1]. In this approach, aspect recovery is the most important stage which binds regions in the image into meaningful aspects to support 3-D primitive recovery. There is no known polynondal time algo-rithm to solve this problem. The previous approach dealt with this problem by using a heuristic method based on the conditional probability. Unlike the previous method, this paper presents a novel parallel …
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    Interprocedural Constant Range Propagation and Alias Analysis by Multiple Version Method
    Fang Xianhong; Zhang Zhaoqing; Qiao Ruliang;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 403-416. 
    Abstract   PDF(606KB) ( 1586 )   Chinese Summary
    A set of methods for interprocedural analysis is proposed. First, an ap-proach for interprocedural constant propagation is given. Then the concept of constant propagation is extended so as to meet the needs of data dependence analysis. Besides certain constant, constant range can also be propagated. The related propagating rules are introduced, and an idea for computing Return function is given. This approach can solve almost all interprocedural constant propagation problems with non-recursive calls. Second…
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    K-Dimensional Optimal Parallel Algorithm for the Solution of a General Class of Recurrence Equations
    Gao Qingshi; Liu Zhiyong;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 417-424. 
    Abstract   PDF(355KB) ( 1469 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper proposes a parallel algorithm, called KDOP (K-DimensionalOptimal Parallel algorithm), to solve a general class of recurrence equations efficiently. The KDOP algorithm partitions the computation into a series of sub-computations, each of which is executed in the fashion that all the processors work simultaneously with each one executing an optimal sequential algorithm to solve a subcomputation task. The algorithm solves the equations in O(N/p)steps in EREW PRAM model (Exclusive Read Exclusive Writ…
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    Logical Object as a Basis of Knowledge Based Systems
    Xu Dianxiang; Zheng Guoliang;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 425-438. 
    Abstract   PDF(594KB) ( 1462 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper presents a framework called logical knowledge object (LKO),which is taken as a basis of the dependable development of knowledge based systems(KBSs). LKO combines logic programming and object-oriented programming paradigms, where objects are viewed as abstractions with states,constraints, behaviors and inheritance. The operational semantics defined in the style of natural semantics is simple and clear. A hybrid knowledge represen-tation amalgamating rule, frame, semantic network and blackboard is …
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    Minimal Model Semantics for Sorted Constraint Representation
    Liao Lejian; Shi Zhongzhi;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 439-446. 
    Abstract   PDF(355KB) ( 1443 )   Chinese Summary
    Sorted constraint representation is a very useful representation in AI which combines class hierarchies and constraint networks. For such sorted constraint representation, a problem is how to generalize the idea of default inheritance to constraint network, where the attributes in a class or between different classes interact with each other via the network. To give a formal account for the defeasible reasoning in such representation, a general sorted constraint logic is proposed, and a minimal-model semant…
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    ICTSSE: An Object-Oriented IC Test Software Supporting Environment
    Sun Yuning; Wang Xiaoming; Shi Wanchun;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 447-454. 
    Abstract   PDF(341KB) ( 1456 )   Chinese Summary
    An IC test software supporting environment-ICTSSE, which supports the migration and simulation of test 'pattern programs on heterogeneous ATEs, is presented. ICTSSE is a subsystem of Test Developmellt System (TeDS). It has the capabilities of verifying the IC's stimulus/response vectors and associated timing resources against the target ATE. The general data interchange format,which is the center of the TeDS, is built for test pattern migration.
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    Transformation List for SGML Application
    Gao Hong;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 455-462. 
    Abstract   PDF(362KB) ( 1410 )   Chinese Summary
    SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is an ISO standard for document description (ISO 8879). The main idea in SGML is to specify docu-ment both by text and by the document's structure without reference to a particular processing system. This kind of document description puts thb docu-ment interchange into fact. But there are very few systems of SGML that have friendly interface and are portable in many applications. In this paper, various aPproaches to implementing SGML are aJssessed and the transfor…
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    A General Architecture Model of CPDL Interpreter
    Xu Fupei; Luo Chi; Jin Yadong;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 463-469. 
    Abstract   PDF(155KB) ( 1361 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper puts forward'a general architecture model of CPDL Interpreter,profiles the logical structure of the modules, and analyses the burden distri-bution among the interpreter units. The work has significance in developing practical interpreter products.
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    A Unified O(log N) and Optimal Sorting Vector Algorithm
    Gao Qingshi;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 470-475. 
    Abstract   PDF(264KB) ( 1351 )   Chinese Summary
    A unilied vector sorting algorithm (VSA) is proposed, which sorts N arbitrary num-bers with clog. N-bits on an SIMD multi-processor system (SMMP) with processors and a composite interconnected network in time, where c is an arbitrary positive constant. When is an arbitrary small posi-tive constant and u = log2 N, it is an O(logN) algorithm and when it is an optimal algorithm,pT = O(N log N)); where u = 1, c = 1 and e = 0.5 (a constant).
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    Shared Variable Oriented Parallel Precompiler for SPMD Model
    Kang Jichang; Zhu Yi'an; Hong Yuanlin; Ying Bishan;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1995, 10 (5): 476-480. 
    Abstract   PDF(210KB) ( 1550 )   Chinese Summary
    For the moment, commercial parallel computer systems with distributed memory architecture are usually provided with parallel FORTRAN or parallel C compliers, which are just traditional sequential FORTRAN or C compilers expanded with communication statements. Programmers suffer from writing parallel programs with communication statements.The Shared Variable Oriented Parallel Precompiler (SVOPP) proposed in this paper can automatically generate appropriate communication statements based on shared variables fo…
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