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    Parallel Algorithm Design on Some Distributed Systems
    Sun Jiachang; Chi Xuebin; Cao Jianwen; Zhang Linbo;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 97-104. 
    Abstract   PDF(336KB) ( 1370 )   Chinese Summary
    Some testing results on DAWNING-1000, Paragon and workstation cluster are described in this paper. On the home-made parallel system DAWNING-1000 with 32 computational processors, the practical performance of 1.117 Gflops and 1.58 Gflops has been measured in solving a dense linear system and doing matrix multiplication, respectively. The scalability is also investigated. The importance of designing efficient parallel algorithms for evaluating parallel systems is emphasized.
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    Exploiting Loop Parallelism with Redundant Execution
    Tang Weiyu; Shi Wu; Zang Binxu; Zhu Chuanqi;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 105-112. 
    Abstract   PDF(335KB) ( 1489 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper, a new loop transformation is proposed that can exploit parallelism in loops which cannot be found by traditional methods. Then the method is extended to show how to achieve maximum speedup of loops if there are infinite processors and how to balance the workload of parallel sections in loops i f there is fixed number of processors.
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    Strategy and Simulation of Adaptive RID for Distributed Dynamic Load Balancing in Parallel Systems
    Lin Chengiiang; Li Sanli;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 113-120. 
    Abstract   PDF(328KB) ( 1339 )   Chinese Summary
    Dynamic load balancing schemes are significant for efficiently executing nonuniform problems in highly parallel multicomputer systems. The objective is to minimize the total execution time of single applications. This paper has proposed an ARID strategy for distributed dynamic load balancing. Its principle and control protocol are described, and the communication overhead, the effect on system stability and the performance efficiency are analyzed. Finally,simulation experiments are carried out to compare t…
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    A Multiagent Dynamic interaction Testbed:Theoretic Framework, System Architecture and Experimentation
    wang Xuejun; Shi Chunyi;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 121-132. 
    Abstract   PDF(512KB) ( 1552 )   Chinese Summary
    Recent research on Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) has focused upon agellts' interaction in Multiagent Systems. This paper presents a text understanding oriented multiagent dynamic illteraction testbed (TUMIT): the theoretic framework based upon game theory, the free-market-like system architecture, and experimentation on TUMIT. Unlike other DAI testbeds, TUMIT views different text understanding (TU) methods as different "computational resources", and makes agents Choose different TU paths and com…
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    Determination of Horizontal Motion through Optical Flow Computations
    Yu Chih-Ho; Frank M. Caimi;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 133-144. 
    Abstract   PDF(604KB) ( 1269 )   Chinese Summary
    For intelligent / antonomous subsea vehicles, reliable short-range horizontal positioning is difficult to achieve, particularly over flat bottom topography.A potential solution proposed in this paper utilizes a passive optical sensing method to estimate the vehicle displacement using the bottom surface texture.The suggested optical flow method does not require any feature correspondeuces in images and it is robust in allowing brightness changes between image frames. Fundamentallyt this method is similar to …
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    The Minimum Feature Subset Selection Problem
    Chen Bin; Hong Jiarong; Wang Yadong;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 145-153. 
    Abstract   PDF(367KB) ( 1338 )   Chinese Summary
    In applications of learning from examples to real-world tasks, feature subset selection is important to speed up training and to improve generalization performance. ideally, an inductive algorithm should use subset of features as small as possible. In this paper however, the authors show that the problem of selecting the minimum subset of features is NP-hard. The paper then presents a greedy algorithm for feature subset selection. The result of running the greedy algorithm on hand-written numeral recognitio…
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    A Practical Propositional Knowledge Base Revision Algorithm
    Tao Xuehong; Sun Wei; Ma Shaohan;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 154-159. 
    Abstract   PDF(257KB) ( 1215 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper gives an outline of knowledge base revision and some recently presented complexity results about propositional knowledge base revision. Different methods for revising propositional knowledge baize have been proposed recently by several researchers, but all methods are intractable in the general case. For practical application, this paper presents a revision method for special case, and gives its corresponding polynomial algorithm.
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    Dawning-1000 PROOS Distributed Operating System
    Sun Ninghui; Liu Wenzhuo; Liu Hong; Wang Chuanbao; Lu Xuelin; Zhang Hao;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 160-166. 
    Abstract   PDF(140KB) ( 1403 )   Chinese Summary
    PROOS is a distributed operating system running on the computing nodes of massively parallel processing computer Dawning-1000. It is an efficient and easily extendible micro kernel operating system. It supports the intel NX message passing interface for communication.
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    Scheduling PVM Tasks
    Ju Jiubin; Wang Yong; Yin Yu;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 167-176. 
    Abstract   PDF(198KB) ( 1313 )   Chinese Summary
    This paper describes a PVM task scheduler designed and implemented by the authors. The scheduler supports selecting idle workstations, scheduling pool tasks and dynamically produced subtasks. It can improve resource utilization,reduce job response time and simplify programming.
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    A Log-Index Weighted Cepstral Distance Measure for Speech Recognition
    Zheng Fang; Wu Wenhu; Fang Ditang;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 177-184. 
    Abstract   PDF(170KB) ( 1528 )   Chinese Summary
    A log-index weighted cepstral distance measure is proposed and tested in speaker-independent and speaker-dependent isolated word recognition systems using statistic techniques. The weights for the cepstral coefficients of this measure equal the logarithm of the corresponding indices. The experimental results show that this kind of measure works better than any other weighted Euclidean cepstral distance measures on three speech databases. The error rate obtained using this measure is about 1.8 percent for t…
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    An Approach to Intelligent Speech Production System
    Chen Fang; Yuan Baozong;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 185-188. 
    Abstract   PDF(167KB) ( 1343 )   Chinese Summary
    In the paper an intelligent speech production system is established by using language information processing technology. The concept of bi-directional grammar is proposed in Chinese language information processing and a corresponding Chinese characteristic network is completed. Correct text can be generated through grammar parsing and some additional rules. According to the generated text the system generates speech which has good quality in naturalness and intelligibility using Chinese Text-to-Speech Conve…
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    A Switched Capacitor Harmonic Compensation Part for Switching Supplies
    Liu Jian; Chen Zhiming; Du Zhong; Yan Baiping;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1997, 12 (2): 189-192. 
    Abstract   PDF(174KB) ( 1568 )   Chinese Summary
    A new approach based on switched capacitor network to harmonic compensation for switching supplies is presented in the paper. The basic principle is discussed. SPICE simulation is applied to analyze the behaviour of the switched capacitor harmonic compensation part.
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