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    A Lock-Based Cache Coherence Protocol for Scope Consistency
    Hu Weiwu; Shi Weisong; Tang Zhimin; Li Ming;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1998, 13 (2): 97-109. 
    Abstract   PDF(1125KB) ( 2356 )   Chinese Summary
    Directory protocols are widely adopted to maintain cache coherence of distributed shared memory multiprocessors. Although scalable to a certain extent, directory protocols are complex enough to prevent it from being used in very large scale multiprocessors with tens of thousands of nodes. This paper proposes a lock-based cache coherence protocol for scope conyistency. It does not rely on directory information to maintain cache coherence. Instead, cache coherence is mailltained through requiring the releasin…
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    A Framework of Memory Consistency Models
    Hu Weiwu; Shi Weisong; Tang Zhimin;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1998, 13 (2): 110-124. 
    Abstract   PDF(644KB) ( 1342 )   Chinese Summary
    Previous descriptions of memory consistency models in shared-memory multiprocessor systems are mainly expressed as constraints on the memory access event ordering and hence are hardwae-centric. This paper presents a framework of memory consistency models which describes the memory consistency model on the behavior level.Based on the understanding that the behavior of an execution is determined by the execution order of confiicting accesses, a memory consistency model is defined as an interprocessor synchro…
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    Out-of-Order Execution in Sequentially Consistent Shared-Memory Systems:Theory and Experiments
    Hu Weiwu; Xia Peisu;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1998, 13 (2): 125-140. 
    Abstract   PDF(704KB) ( 1746 )   Chinese Summary
    Thaditional implementation of sequential consistency in shared-memory systems requires memory accesses to be globally performed in program order. Based on an event ordering model for correct executions in shared-memory systems, this paper proposes and proves that out-of-order execution does not influence the correctness of an execution providing certain condition is met. Simulation results show that out-of-order execution proposed in this paper is an effective way to improve the performance of a sequentiall…
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    Parallel Implementation of Linear Algebra Problems on Dawning-1000
    Chi Xuebin;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1998, 13 (2): 141-146. 
    Abstract   PDF(264KB) ( 1682 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper, some parallel algorithms are described for solving numerical linear algebra problems on Dawning-1000. They include matrix multiplication, LU factorization of a dense matrix, Cholesky factorization of a symmetric matrix, and eigendecomposition of symmetric matrix for real and complex data types. These programs are constructed based on fast BLAS library of Dawning-1000 under NX environment.Some comparison results under different parallel environments and implementing methods are also given for …
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    Functional-Level Fault Simulation with Concurrent and Parallel Mechanisms Using Object-Oriented VLSI Model
    Li Wei; Yang Qiaolin;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1998, 13 (2): 147-160. 
    Abstract   PDF(351KB) ( 1354 )   Chinese Summary
    The functional-level test has been proposed as an alternative to reduce the complexity of test when VLSI gets larger and more complicated. It has been successful for circuits such as memories, PLAs and microprocessors. However, the functional-level test for general functional models has seldom been studied. This paper presents an object-oriented VLSI model and a functional-level fault simulation methodology for general functional model. Based on the proposed VLSI model, FFS (Functional-level Fault Simulator…
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    The Processing and Improvement of Multi-Statement Queries in Chiql
    Meng Xiaofeng; Wong Kam-Fai; Yip Suen Man; Vincent Lum; Wang Shan;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1998, 13 (2): 161-173. 
    Abstract   PDF(592KB) ( 1395 )   Chinese Summary
    Chiql is a novel Chinese relational database query language for Chinese users. It supports procedural query style in which users can specify a complex database request in multiple simple statements. This facility renders Chiql simple-to-use and easy-toremember. However, direct execution of multi-statement Chiql queries (i.e. statement by statement) is often inefficient as potential indexbased operations (e.g. join) are by-passed. Furthermore, it often incurs additional database operations, such as scan and …
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    Tableau Systems for Paraconsistency and Minimal Inconsistency
    Lin Zuoquan;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1998, 13 (2): 174-188. 
    Abstract   PDF(698KB) ( 1320 )   Chinese Summary
    In this paper, the sematics of a paraconsistent logic and its nonmonotonic extension by minimal inconsistency are presented first. And then signed tableaux for paraconsistelit logic and minimal tableaux for logic of minimal inconsistency is proposetl. Finally the reduction of logic of paraconsistency and minimal inconsistency on ordinary semantics which provides new approach to proof procedure and implementation of paraconsistency and minimal inconsistency are provided.
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    Analysis on Attribute Reduction Strategies of Rough Set
    Wang Jue; Miao Duoqian;
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 1998, 13 (2): 189-193. 
    Abstract   PDF(211KB) ( 1583 )   Chinese Summary
    Several strategies for the minimal attribute reduction with polynomial time complexity (O(nk)) have been developed in rough set theory. Are they complete? While investigating the attribute reduction strategy based on the discernibility matrix (DM),a counterexample is constructed theoretically, which demonstrates that these strategies are all incomplete with respect to the minimal reduction.
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