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Throughput Models of CSMA Network with Stations Uniformly Distributed along the Bus
S. T. Chanson, L. Liang, A. Kumar
1987, 2(4): 243-264.
A Tree-Structured Database Machine for Large Relational Database Systems
Meng Liming, Xu Xiaofei, Chang Huiyou, Chen Guangxi, Hu Mingzeng, Li Sheng
1987, 2(4): 265-275.
The Optimization of Distributed Join in C-POREL System
Jin Hongping, Gu Junzhong
1987, 2(4): 276-286.
Automatic Extraction of Words from Chinese Textual Data
Wang Yongcheng
1987, 2(4): 287-291.
A Real-Time Interprocessor Synchronization Algorithm for Communication in Distributed Computer Systems
Duan Ping, Cai Xiyao
1987, 2(4): 292-302.
A Systolic Approach for an Improvement of a Finite Field Multiplier
Qi Yulu
1987, 2(4): 303-309.
An Online Diagnosable Fault-Tolerant Redundancy System
Shi Weigeng, StephenY.H.Su
1987, 2(4): 310-321.
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