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FDNet: A Deep Learning Approach with Two Parallel Cross Encoding Pathways for Precipitation Nowcasting
Chinese Named Entity Recognition Augmented with Lexicon Memory
Cognition: Accurate and Consistent Linear Log Parsing Using Template Correction
Dalea: A Persistent Multi-Level Extendible Hashing with Improved Tail Performance
VTensor: Using Virtual Tensors to Build a Layout-Oblivious AI Programming Framework
Path-Based Multicast Routing for Network-on-Chip of the Neuromorphic Processor
CA-DTS: A Distributed and Collaborative Task Scheduling Algorithm for Edge Computing Enabled Intelligent Road Network
Side-Channel Analysis for the Re-Keying Protocol of Bluetooth Low Energy
Accurate Robotic Grasp Detection with Angular Label Smoothing
Model Checking for Probabilistic Multiagent Systems
Parallel Bounded Search for the Maximum Clique Problem
Disaggregated Datacenters for Future Cloud Computing
Reinvent Cloud Software Stacks for Resource Disaggregation
FedIERF: Federated Incremental Extremely Random Forest for Wearable Health Monitoring
Top-down Text-Level Discourse Rhetorical Structure Parsing with Bidirectional Representation Learning
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