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An Inference Microprocessor Design
KZ1——A Prototype of Intelligent Operating System
Research and Implementation of the Practical Texture Synthesis Algorithms
Improving the Reliability of Computer Communication Networks
Reconnectable Network with Limited Resources
Naming in the Distributed Operating System ZGL
A Mechanism Supporting the Client/Server Relationship in the Operating System of Distributed System “THUDS”
Literate Programming System CDS
Automated Tools for Rapid Prototyping
Partitioning of Independent Tasks for Minimizing Completion Time and Total Waiting Time
The Polynomially Exponential Time Restrained Analytical Hierarchy
Classification of the Index Sets of Low[n]~p and High [n]~p
Some Results on the Confluence Property of Combined Term Rewriting Systems
A Prototype Expert System for Automatic Generation of Image Processing Programs
The THUDSOS Distributed Operating System
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